About Me

Meet Tinyteddy all 3 inches, or 10cms of him for those of you who prefer your stats in meters (although such a word is hardly relevant here). His short life of approximately 15 years has been limited to the confines of an office but that’s all about to change for this Tinyteddy who is about to stretch both his mind and tiny teddy legs and venture bravely into what he hopes will be a friendly world. Tinyteddy is itching to tell you his tale so let’s let him take it from here.

Hi there Let me start by telling you my dream and yes it’s ambitious for a tiny teddy that has never ventured anywhere, but even a tiny guy like me can have one. So years ago before my family dispersed and I’ll tell you about that later there was a rumour in our family that our roots go back to Peru and that we may in fact be distantly related to Paddington bear. Imagine if it were true as he is a real hero of mine and then go on to imagine what it would mean to a tinyteddy like me to visit, what may have once been our ancestral home and discovering a family connection to that great bear. But enough of such sentimental talk for now. Actually I have very little memory of my past other than one terrifying night a storm blew in from the east and the whole family being of tiny stature were simply blown away by the strong wing and dispersed in all directions. Heavens knows to where. It was a good fifteen years ago but the wounds of being orphaned at such a young age have finally healed. What happened to me you ask. Well let me introduce Angela who is both my friend and mentor. She stumbled upon me lying, thankfully head up, but almost fully submerged, in a puddle. I was exhausted, tired, dirty and feeling very sorry for myself. Well she picked me up, bathed me in warm soapy water and to this day I still remember the sheer decadence of that glorious bath and then she fed me my meal of choice which is toast and tuna. I scrubbed up a treat and since then I have sat well cared for on a lovely wooden shelf in her office. Check out the pic. So there I have sat, contentedly I might add for all these years. Yes we tried to trace my family but with little success. I feel they are still alive. Angela says they could be anywhere from Tirana to Timbuctoo. If anyone is reading this though and has any information please get in touch. So here I have sat patiently, and as I said not without a degree of contentedness. Every year, sometimes even twice, Angela would head off to some far flung corner of the world and the stories she would tell when she got back, well,….Wow!! She’s been to about 100 countries (just count them I tell her). Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t jealous or anything. I was what you would call an armchair traveler. Saw a lot of great places and not a mosquito bite to show for it. So there we were one day and quite out of the blue we both looked at each other and there it was “a eureka moment” between us. “Tinyteddy” she said “it’s time for you to spread your tinyteddy limbs and start your own travels”. Heck I was ecstatic! Obviously being miniature in stature and not very worldly it was eventually decided for us to team up together. In fact it’s going to be a real baptism of fire for me. I can’t believe the first country I am going to visit is Nigeria. I was kinda hoping for a gentler introduction like a little chalet break in the Swiss alps but no its going to be Africa’s most populated city of Lagos. Obviously Peru would have been my top choice but who knows, maybe one day that dream may still be realized. So of course we then had to sit down and talk about how we were going to go about this. Obviously being both an inexperienced traveler and never having dabbled much in any literal pursuits it was decided that Angela would of course write the information on my behalf and where applicable we would leave a space at the end for what we have decided to call: Tinyteddys feedback. We don’t know how well we are going to travel together and I fully expect we will have some friction (bear with us – no pun intended) but our policy is to never go to bed angry and you can make of that what you will.