Angietravels - Africa

Lalibela churches

This place is totally unique, dating back to the 12 century and at one point was seen as the second Jerusalem. In fact there is some merit to this as King Lalibela for which the town is named after is […]

Angietravels - South America

Iguazu Falls – The legend!

Straddling the borders of Argentina and Brazil these amazing falls are a must do on any trip to South America. The first European to be accredited with  discovering  the falls was the Spanish  Conquistador Alver Nunez Cabeza de Vaca de […]

Angietravels - Europe

Pyramiden – If you go down to the bar tonight!

If you are looking for something totally unique then it doesn’t get much better than visiting Svalbard; You can reach this rather remote island from either Tromso or Oslo. The Svalbard treaty of 1920 asserts Norway’s sovereignty over the region. […]

Angietravels - New York

Let’s go to New York

Without a doubt my favourite city. Heaps to do so where to start. (Just a few as basically to many to mention so hope it gives you some ideas) No more to be said except let’s go. Statue of Liberty […]

Angietravels - Europe

Let’s go to Barcelona

I’ve been to several Spanish cities but Barcelona was definitely the stand out for me. Let’s not waste any time, loads to see. Let’s go! Sagrada Familia Cathedral Probably one of the most amazing sturctures in the world and its […]

Angietravels - Europe

Let’s go to Bucharest

I rather liked Bucharest. Loads of really good museums and Ceausescu’s famous monstrosity. .Let’s go! The People’s Palace This monstrosity was built under the direction and orders of Ceausescu and was originally known as the People’s House (Casa Poporului).  Construction officially started on […]

Angietravels - Asia

Let’s go to Kyoto

Undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Japan. Let’s go! Kyoto Temple Town Japan Between 794-1868 Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan. Today Kyoto is the 7th largest town in Japan and has a population of 1.4 million. According to […]