Ghana Togo

Bye Bye Togo and a big thumbs up to Ghana!

There is not a whole lot you can say about saying bye bye to Togo as its literally five minutes from Lome to the border with Ghana. I was so relieved. It wasn’t just because the smiles were bigger. It […]


The Fetish market Lome – be warned; graphic content!

The Akodessawa Fetish Market of Lome is located not far from the capital. It is the largest market of its kind in Africa. This is not a place for the fainthearted and I refrained from posting some of the more […]


I stayed at Le Galion in Togo – great location

This place had a few good things going for it, with location, half a block from the beach, coming top of the list. I hadn’t made an advanced booking but that was not a problem and there are several room […]


Lome Beach – great vibes

The beach in Lome had some great vibes with swaying palms trees Washed up boats.. The keep fit brigade.. Vendors.. An occasional horse.. Some action…. There’s always a character.. And check out the little girl sweeping the garbage..


The Old Governors Palace, Lome

 The Old Governors Palace was minutes away from my hotel. A wall surrounds the palace and sadly there is no way to enter. The palace was  built between the years 1898-1905 when Lome was a German colony. It has a prime […]


Togo Quick Facts

Togolese Republic National flag Coat of arms Capital: Lome Area: 114,763 km2 Land Borders with:, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Benin Population: 7,965,055 Area: 56,785 km2 Official Language: French Anthem: Terre de nos aïeux (land of our ancestors) Climate: Tropical Terrain: Savannah and […]