Anders Behring Breivik – 22nd July 1997 (Norway)

Its almost beyond belief in this peaceful land of trolls and fjords such a person and such an horrendous event was going to take place, but Brevik who was a far fight terrorist, was only getting started.

On the day of the attacks he distributed in an electronic text his ideology, which expanded on his opposition to Islam. It was called “2083 A European Declaration of Independence”. In it he called for the deportation of all Muslims from Europe. He also expressed opposition to feminism. He declared that his main motive for the attacks was to call attention to his manifesto.

He did that in a manner that shocked the world. His first target was the Government Center. At 1525 a parked white van which contained explosives detonated.

The result was the death of 8 people and 9 serious injuries. It was estimated that about 500 people were in this busy area of Oslo at the time.

Many of these bystanders were both physically injured or sustained psychological trauma. The building which contained the offices of the Prime Minister suffered severe damage.

Brevik didn’t stop there. His next stop was Utoya island, where a Youth League were holding a seminar. Many of the youngsters would have had parents that opposed Brevik’s very warped Ideology. In order to get to the island by ferry posed as a police officer. Once there he fired intermittently for more than one hour, killing 69, most of them school children

His killing spree eventually came to a stop and he was arrested. He has never shown remorse. You can visit the museum that now stands at the place of the Oslo explosion. The entrance is free and you will be escorted by a guide, For more details on the events click here