Bariloche – Views, museums and forests.

if you are looking for paradise then look no further than the stunning Patagonian town of Barilioche. Bordering the large glacier lake of Nahuwl Huapi and with the Andes as a backdrop it doesn’t get much better than this. I spent a week here on a Spanish course so here are some tips and ideas. First of all pull yourself from the glorious views and head to the Civic Center which is the heart of this bustling town. A mecca for good restaurants, bars, shops (no mistaking the amount of chocolate on sale here from the nearby factories), some pretty decent beaches by the lake and street performers. Being a nerd I headed for the Patagonian museum which will give you a history of the region and a good idea of the vegetation and the wildlife than inhabit this region,  If your looking for some more activity then there are dozens of trekking opportunities. If its not a big thing for you then you may want to consider the one kilometer climb up the Cerro Campinario which is a very steep uphill climb. Thankfully its worth the effort as the views from the top are amazing.Btw you can also take a chair lift in either direction but wheres the fun in that.Another trip is to Llao Llao where you may want to treat yourself to the extremely expensive hotel for several hundred dollars a night. If its not in your budget then you can take a beautiful walk in the nearby forest, swim in the lake or just sit and reflect on whether or not a night at the hotel might be worth treating yourself to while admiring the glorious views.





Tinyteddy’s feedback; “There are days when i ask myself was there ever a luckier tinyteddy in the whole planet, heck the whole universe even. Yeah I agonized on that one hour hike, but look where it got me. Eat your heart folks!”