Benin Quick Facts

Republic of Benin

National flag

Coat of arms

Capital: Porto Novo
Area: 114,763 km2
Land Borders with: Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso and Niger
Population: 10,872,298
Official Language: French
Anthem: L’aube Nouvelle (the dawn of a new day)
Climate: Tropical
Terrain: Coastal Plain and Savanah grasslands
Currency: West African CFA Franc
Main Religion; Christian, Muslim and Vodun (voodoo)
Government: :Unitary Presidential Republic
President: Patrice Talon  
Colonized by: France  
Independence: 1st August, 1960
Literary Rate: 38.4
National Airline: Westair Benin
International dialing code: +229
Largest:: Benin’s largest export is Cotton
National dish: Kuli Kuli is a fried Fritter made from mashed ground nuts, generally peanut
Visa: Available at the border (approx $20)

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