Bolga – The quintessential basket

I was dying to get my hands on one of these gorgeous baskets for which the Bolgatanga region of Ghana is famous for.

Called by the shortened name of Bolga these stunning baskets are hand woven by artisans in farming communities all over this northern area of Ghana. There are all sorts of goods here as you can see and the stallholders are friendly.

The baskets are made from durable Elephant Grass which grows here in abundance.

Every 3 days in Bolgatanga there is a large market and you can come and make your selection from the literally hundreds, if not more on offer. Frankly I was so excited I almost hyperventilated. Eventually I made my choice.

Tinyteddy selected a lovely fan to go with it and the best part was we only had to pay $10 for both of them.

Tinyteddy’s feedback: “Heck we were like a couple of headless chickens when we saw all the baskets on show. Didn’t know where to look first. I tried a few out for fit. In this instance i gotta say I look pretty adorable”.