Buenos Dias and Welcome to Argentina

Arrival formalities

Buenos dias is appropriate for my first post on this beautiful country as we arrived t 830 am. If you have just landed from an international flight the chances are you will have just arrived at Ezeiza International airport. As far as airports go its large and modern with the usual sort of facilities you would expect of a large city airport. The passport control is efficient and friendly and luggage arrives (at least when I was there) speedily. BTW most countries are visa exempt and most people are given 90 days. You will then have to pass your luggage through an xray machine before you depart.


So there are several options to get into the city which is 22kms away. You can of course pre-book a pick up with your hotel or arrange for a shuttle. Alternatively you can simply go to a large stand where you can order a prepaid taxi for approximately $25. It will take about 40 minutes to the city center. . You can find all relevant information about the airport by clicking here.  If like me you are looking for a cheap alternative then you can also take the number 8 bus for the ridiculous price of less than $1.00. Please take into account you will need a Sube card as cash is not accepted. I bought mine at a kiosk which was on the left when i exited. This not only serves the airport but the city buses and the extensive Buenos Aires metro system. You will not be able to get either on the buses or the metro without it They can easily be topped up at many places in the city. You will find the bus by simply turning left directly ouside the terminal and then wlaking under the tents (its quite obvious) and at the end simply turn directly left an the bus stop is right outside the building.

Sim card

One last point is a sim card. There are three alternatives of either Claro, Personal and Movistar. Personal have a stand at the airport. I’m  a bit slow about that sort of stuff but currently i have heard only good things about Movistar.