Bye Bye Ghana

Someone recently said of Ghana “It’s the African country that all the others aspire to be”. I spent a fabulous 3 weeks here.

Saw some amazing sights as posted in previous posts in the Ghana section.

Ghana is a democratic country. It has great infrastructure.

The transportation is excellent.

Buses run on time and most importantly they are fully air conditioned. The two main bus companies are VIP and STC. Its easy to move around from place to place. I met some wonderful people.

Everyone speaks fluent English being as it’s the national language so no effort required there. I ate great food.

Best of all I had a wonderful time.

I did a lot of things on my own which is easy to do however I can’t leave Ghana without saying a word about Jolanaiko Eco Tours. The agency is run by Cindy and Apollo and they put a lot of emphasize on Eco tourism and helping local communities. I came to Ghana 4-5 days earlier than planned. Having already booked a couple of tours with them I again turned to them to see what they could offer at short notice and they came up with two wonderful overnight trips. They were a pleasure to deal with and if you are looking for something special then don’t hesitate to contact them Click Here

Tinyteddy’s final feedback: What an awesome time I had in Ghana. Ditto to all the above. I also met some great people.Check me out hanging out with the gang. Well I couldn’t help being the center of attention. Hey you guys hope to stay in touch”

Yep sadly it really is all over. It’s bye bye from me and bye bye from Tinyteddy. Join him again in January for his next adventure.