The Fetish market Lome – be warned; graphic content!

The Akodessawa Fetish Market of Lome is located not far from the capital. It is the largest market of its kind in Africa. This is not a place for the fainthearted and I refrained from posting some of the more macabre photos on social media, however it is what it is and part of their culture.

Voodoo in Togo goes back several centuries and captured slaves even brought these traditions to the America’s, where over the years their gods were interposed with Christianity and the catholic church.

When you visit the market the one prevailing theme you will here over and over again is that voodoo is not something evil. Most of it seems to be about protection and keeping you safe. Voodoo also believes that even if a creature is dead it is still potent.  You will find many dead animals at the market with particular emphasis on skulls, especailly monkeys.

 Apparently many of these wretched dried creatures will be crushed into powder and used for both medicinal and spiritual purposes. Usually during the tour you will be taken to see a voodoo priest. This is and was a pretty low key affair and more about selling you some overpriced items than casting any spells.

Thankfully the market is in the open, supressing what would otherwise be a an overwheilming stench.  Unfortunately I can’t express an opinion on voodoo practices as its not my culture and not something I have a deep understanding of.

tinyteddy’s feedback; OMG what an awful place. Definitely out of my comfort zone and after one look I retreated back into my box. Yeah very funny! I literally passed out when i was shown the nailed man later!. I was not amused”

yep tinyteddy passed out!