Karosta prison – I spent the night here. (Latvia)

I don’t know how dark this is but it was certainly spooky.

I went to Karosta, situated to the north of Liepaja to experience a night in the former Soviet Military prison, only to find that after checking in at 16.30 I could only return at 9pm. This in itself was torture in a town that didn’t have that much to offer except in fairness a lovely church

in direct contrast with the rather drab soviet style housing.

The beach area had a certain charm to it.

The one thing that made this prison even more spooky was the fact that it was situated in a forest with mostly abandoned buildings and my stint here started after dark.

The prison was built in 1900 originally intended to be used as an infirmary. Even before its completion it was turned into a military prison. During the Soviet period the town of Liepaja was a sealed navy base for the Soviet Baltic fleet. At the end of the Soviet era and when the fleet finally left the the town fell into disrepair. It has now been revived as a tourist destination and one of the attractions here is to spend a night in a cell.

I was the only person there on my night and the guide sleeps upstairs which i wold have preferred. The bed is very narrow and the bathrooms are down the hall which spooked me every time I had to use them. Thankfully not these.

In the morning which came as a blessed relief the guide will give you a tour of the prison. Unfortunately he spoke faster than a speeding bullet and was hard to understand. Still some of the items speak for themselves.