Lalibela market – Buy a donkey for $150

Someone jokingly asked me if that was for a new or used donkey. A lot of people live in the hills surrounding Lalibela and this is the only way to comfortably carry goods to their villages. This huge market takes place every Saturday and looks like something out of a biblical scene, Of course if you are not in the market for a donkey there is a huge selection of other wild stock. Goat anyone?

How about those new pair of shoes you have been promising yourself.

Or some eggs for breakfast.

With a few onions.

And don’t forget the salt sold here in blocks

See if you can spot your friend in the crowd.

Pick out a friendly face.

Check out the latest hairstyle.

Buy a colouful blanket for those chilly nights

And before you leave catch up on the days gossip.

This the place to be on a Saturday morning.