Madres – The mothers

The story of the mothers is a huge party of Argentinian history which played out during the dictatorship between 1976-1983. This symbol can be found in plaza de Maya. It’s a large square in the center of town and a popular place for demonstrations. during the dictatorship 30,000 people went missing. Most of them were in there 20’s or 30’s. During this period demonstrations were forbidden and if you were suspected and in a group of more than 2 people you could be arrested. So during this time a movement was created by many of the mothers whose children had gone missing. They would go to the square in pairs. They were easy to recognize as they would wear cloth diapers which were in those days made from material round their heads. Some of the women who went missing had been pregnant and they were allowed to give birth, but their baby was taken and placed in a more suitable family almost immediately. The mother was then killed. Today many of these same mothers can give their DNA at a special center and any child who is suspicious of his background can go there and do the same test. They will then see if there is a match
To this day about 130 matches have been made. Sadly we were told that the children as often as not do not want to meet their original families. Recently someone famous came forward so they are expecting many more to follow. Off the record I recently heard a completely different story about the numbers that went missing but its not my purpose to deviate from the official line.