MALBA – Some pretty amazing Latin American Art

This is one of Buenos Aires principle museums featuring predominantly Latin American art from the 20th century, it was also the first time i actually went to an art gallery on a guided tour. We all go to galleries and can enjoy the pictures for no other reason that something abut them simply grabs us.So let me show you a few ;pictures and a sculpture what they mean. .

This sculpture was made by a Brazilian called Maria Martinez. The piece represents a couple who on the one hand are completely absorbed with each other and on the other hand are rejecting and trying to pull away from each other. Its sometimes nice to know what art in any form represents and how your perspective of it changes.

This is a famous picture by Antonio Berni. He was an Argentinian artist whose style became known as “New Realism”. He died in 1981 at the age of 76.  This represents a highway. On one side the dark side of life is shown by the ugly prostitute and some dark characters which are looking up at the other side of the highway where they are looking in awe at the beautiful woman who has and represents every thing they want.

This is a very famous picture by the same artist. It was painted after the 29 stock market crash in NY. After the crash Argentina could no longer export their products like meat so many people left the provinces and flooded the cities.

The young child is holding bread which symbolizes their hunger and someone at the back is holding a sign which says ‘pan y trabajo’ which means bread and work. . The expression of despair is clear on their faces.


One of my favourite paintings was by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. He was born in Medellin in 1932 and has even had a movement named after him called “Boterism”.  His art is easy to recognize and usually shows people of very large and exaggerated proportions. This is said to represent political criticism or humor, depending on the painting.. His art can be seen not only in Bogota but also in NY and Paris.




And finally one for the ladies. This one is by  Frida Kahlo who was a Mexican artist famous for her self portraits. Born in 1907 she died at the early age of 47. Her work was inspired by the nature in Mexico and living during post-colonialism her work explores identity,, class and race in Mexican society. of the day. The painting at the museum is a self portrait.  It shows Frida surrounded by nature which was a popular theme in many of her pictures. The animals we were told show her pain at having suffered a miscarriage and she was unable to conceive so she would surround herself with animals.




Tinyteddys feedback:.”  Had an incident at the MALBA.. I was told off as i was enjoying a lovely picture of a nude for getting to close. I accepted that, however i didn’t like her tone suggesting my interest in the nudes was anything other than purely academic. I enjoyed a lot of the artwork and the fact she took offence at my closeness to the nude was merely a coincidence. I was so rattled by the exchange I had to speak to Julian our guide. Other than that i had a lovely afternoon” . .  .