Mercedes Castellanos de Anchorena and Corina Kavanagh,

This story clearly gives meaning to the the expression “hell hath no fury as a woman’s wrath”.. Once upon a time there was a very wealthy woman called Mrs Mercedes Castellanos de Anchorena. Having spent time in Paris she wanted to recreate and build a beautiful church lin Buenos Airesike the ones she had seen there. With this in mind she built a beautiful church to be enjoyed by her friends on what was then her own land. Mercedes also had a lovely view of her church from her nearby residence which was also a stunning building until hard times hit and she was forced to sell it. it is now a government building). Mercedes being of a generous nature built a separate entrance so even the servant classes could enjoy her creation. Designed by French architects no expense was spared. The church is decorated with gold, silver, marble, granite and beautiful stained glass.

It was consecrated in 1916 and the good ladies remains are even laid to rest in the crypt. Mercedes had several children and one of her sons was in love with Corina Kavanagh, a millionaire of Irish descent. The feeling was mutual but Mercedes wasn’t having it and the romance went nowhere. Eventually a plot of land near the church became available and Corina who had by then sold two ranches beat them to it and purchased the land herself. Corina was a woman scorned and decided to build an art deco style building, which for a while became the highest skyscraper in Latin America. Corina collected rents from the tenants that lived there. Mercedes, who could once see her beautiful church from her residence could no longer enjoy it as it was mostly blocked by Corina’s building. Rumour has it, this was no coincidence and a deliberate act of defiance. One can truly say in this instance that hell hath no fury as a woman’s wrath.  Whatever the reason today it is the tallest building in the world to be made entirely from concrete.