Terra Kulture – What upset Tinyteddy!

After the disappointment of not seeing the much awaited show at the New Africa Shrine I was rewarded with a visit to the Terra Kulture Center on Victoria Island. The center promotes Nigerian art and culture with special emphasis on Nigeria’s linguistic heritage. 

Since its establishment in 2003 the center has hosted 100’s of art exhibitions, dozens of plays and book readings and has the only auction house in Lagos (the only other one in Nigeria is in Abuja).

As it was late in the day the craft shop which seeks to highlight Nigeria’s handicrafts by providing a steady income for 50 craftsmen and women to showcase their products was closed. The food courts were also closing down,

however the main purpose of our visit was the art gallery which was still open.

Together with Nike this was another fabulous gallery which focused on Nigerian art and artists. The gallery was literally bursting at the seams with as many pictures lining the walls as there were hanging on the walls. We were having a lovely time until Tinyteddy took offence to a picture that looked remarkedly like him.

Tinyteddy’s feedback: “This is positively outrageous! I don’t and didn’t expect to come to an art gallery in Lagos and find a picture of myself and not be given the credit. Rory our guide stepped in in the end and explained it was simply a coincidence”