The Karimenga Experience – “Timeema”

Well that sounds exotic and it was. In fact I would go as far as to say my 3 night stay here was one of my best experiences in Ghana. Just for the record that doesn’t take anything away from all the other amazing experiences and attractions this super country has to offer.

So before I get into my experiences and the activities in this region, a little bit about Karimenga. It is situated 135 kms north of Tamale on the main road to the regions capital of Bolatanga, famous for hand woven baskets (more about that in another post).

History of Karimenga

The village goes back to the end of the 18th century when it was known as Timeema (let’s build in the local language) A hunter called Satanbla discovered it and upon seeing how fertile the land was he left, only to return with his family. It started a trend and he was soon joined by others from his home village of Wulugu. Being the first to settle he became the village leader. Those that joined him would ask “how much to build”, and his answer was ” Timeema”

Today that village has evolved into Karimenga. with 89 homes and 456 members. There is a primary school, a guest house and a mosque.

The community is based around farming and its proximity to the white Volta river makes even dry season farming possible.

How to get to Karimenga

You can get here easily from Tamale by shared taxis. Just look out for the village on the right hand side.. I used Jolanika tours for my trip here which basically included all transport to and from Tamale, accommodation, meals, several of the excursions and the flight from Tamale to Accra. In fact I had the distinction of being the first tour directly from Tamale. Suffice to say everything went perfectly. Don’t hesitate to contact them to see everything they have on offer in Ghana, Benin and Togo. Click here for details