The Pikworo Slave camp

Pikworo Slave Camp is located just 3 kms from Paga. It was established in 1704 while the trade was at its peak. Its a bit unusual being as it is not next to the ocean where slaves traditionally passed through the door of no return. This camp was used as a slave transit center where the poor souls who had been captured up north were auctioned and then resold in the Salaga slave market.

It basically acted as a holding center until the slaves were forced to march the 150kms to Salaga before heading to the coast. This place needs an explanation and when you arrive you will be allocated a guide and shown around what looks like some rocky hills and large green fields. All will be revealed. Firstly when you climb the rocks there are a number of places which appear to be some sort of dug out.

Usually 4 slaves would use this as a bowl. sharing their meager rations. Next to this is a much larger rock which they used for drumming.

On average there were always 200 slaves housed here. Most of them were not even told the reason for their internment. At the highest point there was a lookout.

Anyone trying to escape would be shackled and left naked in the scorching sun on what was known as the punishment rock.

Tinyteddy’s feedback: “Honestly sometimes i am fearful for the future of the human race when I see what amuses them.”