Angietravels - Europe

Let’s go to St Petersburg

Who would come to Russia and not visit the glorious city of the Tsars of St Petersburg. No way.Lets go! Peter and Paul Fortress If you had the time you could easily spend a day at the fort. There is […]

Angietravels - Asia

Let’s go to Beijing

I have been to Beijing twice. Loads to do so let’s go! Tianamen Square Who will ever forget that picture of the lone figure in front of the tank during the protests of 1989. Today the square is not only […]


Bye Bye Ghana

Someone recently said of Ghana “It’s the African country that all the others aspire to be”. I spent a fabulous 3 weeks here. Saw some amazing sights as posted in previous posts in the Ghana section. Ghana is a democratic […]


Akasombo Dam – An electric Powerhouse

This huge Hydroelectric powerhouse is situated in the Volta region of Ghana and supplies electricity to Benin, Togo and Burkino Fassa. Construction begun in 1961 after an Italian company Impregilo won the contract. It was completed in 1965. It stands […]


Shai hills Reserve – Baboons and Beads

This is the closest wildlife reserve to Accra being as it is located less than 50 kms away. Its not a big area but it covers a huge punch with the attractions and wildlife on offer. The reserve is made […]

Angietravels - Europe

Let’s go to Rome

Rome the eternal city. With loads of attractions let’s go! The Colosseum What could be more iconic than the colosseum. Completed in 80 AD and built from volcanic rock, it was at the time the largest Amphitheater ever built. It […]

Angietravels - Europe

Let’s go to Berlin

One on my favourite cities in Europe. Here’s a few sights to get you started. Let’s go. Brandenburg Gate Probably no other place in Berlin, or even Germany can be more synonymous with a city than the Brandenburg Gate is […]

Angietravels - Europe

Let’s go to Moscow.

There is something powerful about not only Russia’s capital, but what was once the capital of the Soviet Union. Here are a few places to get you going. Let’s go! The Kremlin The Kremlin is a simply amazing complex of […]


Northern Ghana – final thoughts

The few days in this region of Ghana was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The region has plenty of activities. The people are friendly (depending on who you ask of course). The scenery is gorgeous. I […]


Back to school with Jay-z

Ok this was a bit of an impromptu visit to Ganu’s old school where I discovered he was known as Jay-z. . We were close by and he was keen to visit. It was also an opportunity to see inside […]