Back to school with Jay-z

Ok this was a bit of an impromptu visit to Ganu’s old school where I discovered he was known as Jay-z. .

We were close by and he was keen to visit. It was also an opportunity to see inside a Ghanaian Boarding school.

This school was mixed obviously with separate facilities for boys and girls.

It was fairly rustic by western standards but this didn’t seem to deter from the fact that it was seriously devoted to education. Frankly most of the children were impeccably dressed and there was no lack of clean clothes drying in the wind.

Most education facilities in Ghana teach in English which is the national language. We arrived fairly late in the day so classes were over and the kids were basically hanging out.

The kids sleep in dorm rooms which being teenagers were a bit untidy.

It was nice to see that every bed had a mosquito net. The showers are outside which in this very hot region is hardly an issue.

Jay-z was certainly the man of the hour. I got shown round both the boys and girls quarters and Tinyteddy looked like he was in his element from all the attention.

Tinyteddy’s Feedback: “Look she was gorgeous and I’m not saying anything was going on between us but she was keen for me to stay. I told her it was never going to work. Did I make the right decision? Ganu and I had a chat about it later”

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