Northern Ghana – final thoughts

The few days in this region of Ghana was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Bolga maket

The region has plenty of activities. The people are friendly (depending on who you ask of course).

The scenery is gorgeous.

I stayed at the beautiful rustic Greenhouse Lodge and had the opportunity to get to know Ibrahim and Ganu. I didn’t even suffer too much from the heat. Be aware that even by local standards this area becomes very oppressive in December and January. You just need to know how to cool down.

If you are going into Bolgatanga then my tip is to check out the fresh juice bar; The smoothie Bar..

Made from fresh fruit and costing only the equivalent of a dollar it was one of the most delicious drinks I had ever had. This little chap is still making up his mind which one to choose. .

I got to hang out with the Fulani and even got to hold the new born baby.

I spent a rather short evening of traditional storytelling and drumming. A ten hour day had just about finished me.

I got a chance to learn about Ibrahim’s farm where he hopes to open a school to teach organic farming. Just taking a rest.

I had some great interaction with the gorgeous children.

Best of all there is no better place to buy a basket than at Bolga market,

I didn’t come across many tourists during my three days. which is a pity. I would say don’t hang around. This won’t be a road less traveled destination once the word gets out. This is a large region and thankfully I chose to do this as a 3 day excursion with Jolanika tours, which basically included everything except one or two of the activities. You can check out everything they have to offer by clicking here

Tinyteddy’s feedback: “I get the final and it’s a sad one for sure. Ibrahim, what a super guy and Ganu enjoyed our late night chats about love and life. Did we solve anything? Did we have too? Who knows but enjoyed them all the same”