Eco Park – What happened to Sandra?

So the good news is that this used to be the former zoo of Buenos Aires. It was established in 1875.  Situated almost directly behind the botanic gardens in Palermo the park sits on a 45-acre plot. In its heyday as a zoo it housed 2500 animals including reptiles, birds and mammals. People who hate animals being kept in zoos will be delighted to hear that in 2016 the zoo decided It was cruel to keep animals locked behind bars and most of the animals were relocated to nature reserves. In fact, in 2014 a Buenos Aires court decided that Sandra, a Sumatran orangutan was entitled, even as “a non-human person” to some basic rights and should be freed from her enclosure. Today what animals remain for the most part walk freely and intermingle with the many people who stroll freely around the park in the many grassy areas. No need to worry about predators. Expect to find many somewhat overweight nutria sunbathing around the lakes who are a semi-aquatic

herbivorous rodent and native to this region. The flamingoes are well represented, and you can also watch a falconry display. There are still a few enclosed animals more for their safety and these include camels, deer and a rather splendid camel. The most prominent animals are ae breed of rabbit and a large number of peacocks. The parks aim is to provide an educational experience for the visitors and to improve the living conditions of the animals that call this sprawling park their home. I wonder if anyone knows what happened to Sandra.

Tinyteddys Feedback: ‘Predators! Maybe not but I felt a bit insecure around some of those nutria despite their vegetarian claims and the falcon made eye contact with me which was a bit disconcerting. I didn’t want to be his next treat! Heard the last Polar bear died in 2012. Sad news!”