Free walking tours Buenos Aires – Way to go!

I have never been to any city without joining the tree walking tour and Buenos Aires was no exception.In fact Tinyteddy and I surpassed ourselves and went on two free tours. For anyone that doesn’t understand the concept of free walking or has never been on one then this it how it works. you can find them in any large city and the tours will usually take you to nearby attractions. The guides work on a tip only basis and in fairness I have never been on a tour that hasn’t been excellent. I used Free walks Buenos Aires.. Click here for more information. They run a city center tour every day at 3pm rain or shine from the front gate of the National Congress. You will easily recognize the guide by the distinctive orange shirt. Don’t worry about not being able to hear or if there is a large crowd as the guides use a microphone and speak English to a very high level, We had the pleasure of walking with Martin whose tour concentrates more on the history and political situation in Argentina He was especially passionate about the current economic situation in the country which was fascinating from an insiders point of view. He also explained in detail about the 30,000 that went missing during the countries dictatorship. The second tour we took was with Jackie who took us though the main attractions of Recoleta which concentrates more on the aristocracy and some of the amazing architecture. It will also include the site of the Israeli Embassy bombing in the 1992. The tour finishes by the famous Recoleta cemetery where you will find the mausoleum of Eva Peron and some of Argentina’s most .famous people but more about that in another post. Cant recommend highly enough. This tour takes place daily from the corners of Libertad and Viamonte (its right next to the Colon Theater so you cant miss it.

Tinyteddy’s feedback: “Marin was great but check out Jackie. I positively swooned but dreams are made to be broken as she made if perfectly clear she was already engaged and loved another. That kiss meant nothing except another sad case of unrequited love. Oh well! .A nice cup of tea and I was over it!