Mafalda – Argentina’s other lady.

Ok you would be hard put to not think of Eva Peron as Argentina’s most famous lady but a few words about this other rather adorable young lady.

Maflada is a famous comic strip character created by Quino. Mafalda was only 6 years old, but she reflected progressive youth in the 1960’s and 70’s and Argentina’s middle classes. Considered a masterful piece of satire Mafalda even at the tender age of 6 had a conscience and was concerned about world peace and humanity albeit in a rather innocent way. The characters that make up the comic strip consist of Mafaldas parents and some of her friends. Her parents are an ordinary couple often at a loss by their young daughters interest in rather complex subjects. For instance, one of her most famous questions was about communism in China. She was turned into an animated tv series popular not only in Argentina but in many Latin America Countries. Today she sits proudly on a bench installed in 2009 in San Telmo in front of Quinos old home. People will often get in a long line to take a photograph with her.  Two of her friends Manolito and Susanita were added later. One important piece of information about Mafalda: She hated soup!!

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