Lekki Conservation Center – Where to find all the action

You gotta hand it to this couple. He’s over a hundred and she’s in her mid 90’s and they are still in love, although in fairness she put up quite a run across the lawn before he caught her. Still let us not define this excellent center by the actions of these lovebirds. Situated in Lekki and established in 1990 the site sits on 78 hectares of prime wetland exhibiting the natural fauna of the region.

The main attraction however is the longest canopy walkway in Africa (although I think it’s only fair to point out that this was disputed at Kakum Park in Ghana who claim their canopy is longer – we will get to that later). So in the meantime back to Lekki.  

The walkway’s which consist of 6 suspended sections measures  401 meters in total length and 22.5 meters at its highest. If you can conquer your fear and a fair bit of swaying you will be rewarded with some stunning views of the wetlands below.

Its traditional to do the last bit with no hands but that’s not as easy as you think. Yeah I didn’t make it.

The other major attraction are the monkeys.

The tree house – definitely not for the fainthearted.

This is a popular attraction among locals and tourists alike. I was lucky to visit on a weekday so crowds were minimal as part of my tour with yet another great guide, Ray from Tripzapp.  We were able to enjoy a game of chess at our leisure. I did let Ray win!

Tinyteddy’s feedback: “This is a bit of a scary place for Teddy’s of my size and added to that there are loads of rules for going on the walkway and none of them actually applied to Teddy’s so we had a bit of a kerfuffle with the guide but.Ray soon got is sorted.. My final word on the canopy; terryfying. Btw loved the tortoise and we really go on untill he became distracted”