Mate – Not for me


You don’t need to do much research or look far to discover Mate. It is the national drink of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. You will see people drinking it everywhere. Mate is prepared using the dried leaves of the Yerba mate plant. The ground leaves are put in a cup which resembles a gourd calabash. Hot water is poured onto the leaves. You will then use a hollow metal or silver straw which will have at its end a round end with small holes which basically absorbs the liquid somewhat like a tea strainer. Some Mate cups seem to be a little more on the cheap and cheerful side. The drink has a tendency to be a little bitter, but there are no hard a fast rule so you can add sugar, lemon, sugar or even ginger. No one will know and even the pope has been photographed drinking it.



Tinyteddy’s feedback:‘\ “Thanks but no thanks and by the way I almost choked on that metal straw”