Fela Kuti – A Nigerian Icon

If like me you had never been to Nigeria then you could be forgiven for never having heard of Fela Kuti, however Lagos has a museum dedicated to him. So a few words about him to fill in the gaps. […]


Lagos arts and crafts center – awesome place

Not only was I not expecting this sort of place in Lagos, I almost hyperventilated when I saw what was on offer here. For someone who loves souvenirs this place is heaven and sells absolutely everything from beads to brass, from handmade cards […]


Nike Art Gallery – Here’s looking at you

And there is plenty to look at here. In a city not easily recognized for its tourist attractions and even less so for its art culture the Nike (pronounced Neekay) Art Gallery stands supreme. For starters you have its charismatic […]


Lagos – The Sunday people

I call them that because it was a Sunday morning and I basically had nothing to do so I braved a stroll. I took what I saw as safe route and was greatly rewarded. The sign was definitely reassuring. Let me […]


Makoko Slum – A logistic nightmare

If you are coming from Lagos Airport the chances are you will cross one of the busiest bridges in Africa, the Third Mainland Bridge. If so you can’t miss the Mokoko slum a labrynth of houses, partly on land and […]


Tinyteddy fell in love in Lagos

Yes it’s true but let him tell you all about it in his feedback at the end of the post. Its our first full day in Lagos and we have a Keke tour of the town. Tinyteddy was bowled over […]


Welcome to Nigeria

Yep i got scammed!! I am somewhat loath to define Lagos by one bad experience, but it happened to me and it can happen to you so forewarned is definitely forearmed. I had only been in Lagos for two hours […]


Ghana Quick Facts

Republic of Ghana Breif overview 2019 National flag Coat of arms Capital: Accra Area: 239,567 km2 Land Borders with:, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ivory Coast Population: 28,308,301 Official Language: English Anthem: God bless our homeland Ghana Climate: Tropical Terrain: Grasslands and […]


Togo Quick Facts

Togolese Republic National flag Coat of arms Capital: Lome Area: 114,763 km2 Land Borders with:, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Benin Population: 7,965,055 Area: 56,785 km2 Official Language: French Anthem: Terre de nos aïeux (land of our ancestors) Climate: Tropical Terrain: Savannah and […]